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Flotte tidsriktige sofaer - klassisk - moderne - lounge

WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE? Spending time with family? Making new friends? Being in good company? Buying a new sofa? We’re guessing it’s not the last one. That’s why at juul, we create sofas designed to make all the other things in life as pleasurable as possible. Whether you’re into throwing extravagant parties, or spending time with the kids, or even just putting your feet up with a good book, it’s our job to make sure you do it in style – and comfort. And with our range of elegant sofas and chairs, feeling at home never felt this good. From start to finish, we use only the best materials, with a combination of modern design and innovation, and time-old handmaking techniques by expert craftsmen. Our focus on quality means that, for you, any time spent in a juul is quality time. A juul is much more than a decoration, it’s built to be used every day, for years and year


Bilde av Juul 301 Bilde av Juul 301
28.990,- 26.091,-
Bilde av Juul 701 hjørne Bilde av Juul 701 hjørne
50.990,- 45.891,-
Bilde av Juul 701 Bilde av Juul 701
Bilde av Juul 903 sofa - flere størrelser Bilde av Juul 903 sofa - flere størrelser
Bilde av Juul 953 Bilde av Juul 953
Bilde av Juul 954 sofa - kampanje Bilde av Juul 954 sofa - kampanje
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